Our community is small and the staff is highly involved to maximize the time at Rising Roads.

  • Groups average six women at one time

  • Staff is almost exclusively women, all of which are dedicated to their own healing journey

  • Our goal is for women to gain valuable knowledge about themselves and how they relate to the world around them – and then create a new way of relating

If you have been referred to us you may have been referred to other programs as well and maybe researching several programs.  Programs often use the same terminology, however, the level of programming can differ greatly.  We would love to talk to you more in-depth about each one at Rising Roads and how it works.

Residential Extended Aftercare

This is the first step at Rising Roads and is a minimum of a 90-day commitment.  The focus is on taking the trauma work you have done and taking it to a deeper level.  We also begin to look at the next steps and create a plan with measurable and attainable milestones.

  • Individual, group, and family therapy

  • Residential licensed home by the State of California

  • Treating trauma through experiential therapeutic modalities

  • Learning practical life skills to thrive in life

Outpatient Rise Program

The Rising Roads Rise Program is a unique outpatient program.  Typically, programming for outpatient treatment is often repetitive for those who have been in primary treatment.  Our Rise Outpatient is meant to inspire and empower our clients to move forward.  It is an excellent choice for women who have been through Rising Roads and it is also beneficial for women who have a period of sobriety and are struggling.  These women may be working full-time and very engaged in 12-step work, however, they need clinical support to move through some of the old patterns and behaviors related to past trauma.  Life skills are also available to level up financial responsibility, relationship challenges, time management, or unhealthy food behaviors.    If this is your story, you don’t have to relapse.  Rising Roads can help you break through barriers to the next layer of recovery for a more happy and productive life.

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