The Rising Roads programming is for women who struggle with trauma-related substance abuse and mental health issues, suicidal ideation, relational challenges, disordered eating, and overall life skills.  We believe in looking at the whole picture.  We often have clients who had done well in a primary program, returned home, struggled with life and emotions, which lead to relapse and then they came to Rising Roads.  In some cases, clients understand 30-90 days isn’t enough for them and are looking for a higher level of aftercare after primary treatment and come straight to Rising Roads.   Our goal is to see the whole picture from both a practical and therapeutic model.

Our programming for trauma is based on experiential therapies to deepen the internal healing process.  Our primary modalities are listed, please visit each page for more information.

Employment and educational assistance guide our clients into the next steps.  We utilize a comprehensive assessment tool to determine interest and personality type to suggest career and education paths.  Our team supports in resume building, job searching and school registration.

Life skills are essential and a common challenge for our clients.  The community, DBT skills groups, and daily living are set up to support our women to put into practical use the tools they learn.  

Thank you for your interest in Rising Roads unique programming and levels of care. We are always available by phone for more information.  

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