ELEVATE School Program

The Rising Roads Recovery ELEVATE program offers academic support for clients who seek to achieve their educational goals in early recovery. In addition to our on-going clinical programming, we believe helping our clients reach their academic accomplishments leads to better self-esteem, which is one part of the formula for sustainable, long-term recovery.

The ELEVATE program integrates with the clinical outpatient programs at Rising Roads Recovery. ELEVATE focuses on the stresses of academic/school obligations beyond the clinical support provided to maintain long term recovery. The program provides vital support in time management skills, school project completion, study habits, test preparation, and tutoring.

  • 2-hour study groups twice (2 times) weekly

  • Aid in course enrollment and obtaining transcripts

  • Assistance with budgeting and financial planning for school/books/supplies

  • 1-hour individual progress meeting with ELEVATE proctor weekly

  • Weekly/monthly/quarterly/semester school schedule management and planning

  • Academic progress calls/emails with family based on needs

  • Accountability check-in at school by ELEVATE proctor when needed

  • Campus tour with clients to familiarize them with classroom locations

  • Homework/project review before submission upon request

  • Daily access to the computer lab (Monday – Friday)

  • Clinical oversight from the multidisciplinary treatment team

  • Access to therapists providing clinical support for those with ADHD, learning difficulties and Scholastic Anxiety


ELEVATE is a monthly program; however, RRR recommends a 3-month commitment to support an academic quarter system.

There is an additional cost for this program and details can be discussed with your RRR family therapist.

ELEVATE Comprehensive Career and Personality Testing

Some of our clients are not sure where to go and what to do next in their lives.  Rising Roads offers a comprehensive career matching and personality report for our clients and their families looking for more direction as they are moving forward into life.  The report utilizes the most up-to-date, reliable and valid psychometric tests available and details four domains; abilities, interests, values, and personality.  Where these four domains intersect show the best career matches and/or areas of study for the individual.  This report places the individual on the best career and/or educational path moving forward.  For more details, please talk to the Rising Roads team for sample reports, client experiences and pricing.


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