Most of the women who come to Rising Roads are asking the question, what next?  The education and employment process is as individualized as our treatment.  We have helped women get their GED, finish a thesis for graduate school, and everything in between.  A lot of times it starts with the first steps of finding a couple of classes to take or getting a job in an area of interest.  Don’t know what you’re interested in now?  We have testing for that.  Our comprehensive personality and interest testing help our women choose the right “get well” job or the right classes to move them forward.  See our ELEVATE School Program page for more information regarding our school support.

Many women who haven’t been able to keep a job or stay in school stay in a perpetuating cycle that often leads to feeling overwhelmed and then to relapse.  Limiting beliefs of not feeling smart enough or capable enough lead to more experiences that lead our clients further down a shame spiral.   Often referred to as “get well” jobs, our clients take a small step back into the working world.  This usually starts as a part-time job but can be full-time.  We have had clients work at coffee shops, farms, restaurants, daycare, schools, boutiques, and doctors office.  Our team guides our women in resume building, job searching, and interview skills.  Therapeutically we support them through fear and resistance.  When the job begins, we are supporting with time management, financial management, and interpersonal workplace challenges.

  • Personality and career interest testing

  • Resume building

  • Job searching

  • Relationships with co-workers and management

  • LinkedIn profile

  • Building self esteem through work and school

  • Start small to build a solid future

  • Time management

Career Matching and Personality Testing

Some of our clients are not sure where to go and what to do next in their lives.  Rising Roads offers a comprehensive career matching and personality report for our clients and their families looking for more direction as they are moving forward into life.  The report utilizes the most up-to-date, reliable and valid psychometric tests available and details four domains; abilities, interests, values, and personality.  Where these four domains intersect show the best career matches and/or areas of study for the individual.  This report places the individual on the best career and/or educational path moving forward.  For more details, please talk to the Rising Roads team for sample reports, client experiences and pricing.


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