The word fun is not usually on a list of life skills but it is for the women of Rising Roads.  Many people cannot imagine a life without high risk behaviors and the use of drugs and alcohol.  A life with no fun doesn’t seem like a life worth living for most people.  The truth is you can have fun in recovery and it can lead your life in a whole new direction; new hobbies, new friends, new relationships, and an overall improvement in health. Fun activities at Rising Roads have included:

  • Hiking

  • Surfing

  • Ice-Skating

  • Paddle Boarding

  • Art Museums

  • Sporting Events

  • Beach Days

  • Dancing

Fun is also important for our clients who have struggled with depression and have felt hopeless and disconnected.  Having fun and connecting with the other women at Rising Roads has a profound impact for all of are women. We love seeing everyone smile!

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