Whether you are on non-addictive psychotropic medication or not, most women can benefit from Psychiatric consultation. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse addicts are twice as likely as the general population to suffer from mood and anxiety disorders. Many of these co-occurring disorders predate the start of drug or alcohol use. Because of this and because we believe you are more than a diagnosis, it’s important to get a fully inclusive picture of our clients.

The doctor will take a thorough history and discuss your goals with you. The goals you have for your mental and physical health are important to us. Our women’s alcohol and drug rehab center is neither pro or anti medication. We believe that medication can be a piece of the puzzle if used properly. If you are currently on medication, we will make sure you feel the diagnosis and medication is correct. If you are not on medication, we will support you in alternative options until or unless medication is deemed necessary. You will be a part of all decisions and plans.

It is also important to note that not all medications are created equal. We do not use narcotic medications of any kind at our women’s drug rehab center. If you have concerns about medications you are currently taking, please call us to discuss. With all medications there is possibility of side effects and we take that seriously. We also want to make sure that the medication prescribed historically works well with the female body. During this process you will also have the opportunity to speak to the doctor about additional medical needs you may have. During active addiction many women do not follow up on basic feminine care and may have needs that should be addressed while in treatment. Our staff is here to help you take your medical and psychiatric health back.

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