Gender Specific Treatment

Rising Roads Recovery is gender specific to create the optimal environment for women to facilitate changes in their lives and continue their growth.

Our groups and activities are specifically designed for the female perspective and women-only counseling sessions and 12-step groups allow for more open sharing which leads to better processing of past events and ultimately better outcomes.

Creating an Inspirational Program of Recovery

Our treatment center was created to inspire women to thrive in recovery. In addition to offering the best of the traditional evidence based therapeutic processes that have proven effective in drug treatment programs, we also integrate therapeutic activities and educational topics that are designed to really inspire the soul of women who are new to recovery.

In addition to traditional treatment processes like:

  • Individual counseling

  • Group counseling

  • 12-Step meetings

  • Psychiatric consultation

  • Family Systems workshops (& family counseling)

We also offer activities that help women thrive and build esteem in recovery:

  • Art therapy

  • Experiential therapy

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Healthy Relationship workshops

  • Boot camps

  • Yoga

We also include ‘life skills’ related groups and processes to minimize the stress of re-entering society and assuming the responsibilities of independent living (be it re-joining the work force, or re-entering the classroom). Some examples are:

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Cooking classes

  • Employment assistance

  • Educational assistance

Our location allows easy access to employment opportunities as well as colleges, universities, and trade schools in order to complete your education.

Underlying Issues

Experiencing unresolved co-occurring issues can make women feel like their recovery is paralyzed. They may feel that so much of life has been used and wasted on ‘trying to forget’ or ‘trying to pretend.’ We understand completely and it doesn’t have to continue.

If women are progressing in their recovery and addressing the underlying issues that contributed to their substance abuse, then they are doing the work that will heal their mind and spirit.

We cannot stress enough the difference in quality of life when women are working through the past and processing the events that have occurred, forgiving others (and themselves) for what has happened, and making amends to the relevant people when and where they are appropriate. This is why we encourage and facilitate counseling to address issues like anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and especially trauma.

Processing Trauma and Grief & Loss

Our staff is trained to deal with the issues that arise for women in treatment such as coping with trauma, (including PTSD) and dealing with  grief and loss. Our focus on addressing trauma and grief comes as a result of our experience treating so many women for whom these issues can be a recurring source of stress and therefore a trigger to relapse.

Women’s “sisters in recovery” are ready and willing to support them through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Without fear there can be no courage. At Rising Roads, women can be fearful, supported, and courageous at the same time.

A Personalized Recovery Plan for You

Every woman who comes to us is incredibly unique and needs to be treated that way. One size does not fit all – and one future does not work for everyone. Our location in Orange County, California gives us access to the best treatment specialists, nature outings, physical activities, as well as employment and educational opportunities. That is why women thrive here and are able to really throw themselves into a practice of recovery, because of the joy they experience participating in fulfilling activities every day.

Get Help From Us Today

At Rising Roads Recovery, our certified staff is full of women who have achieved the fulfilling life we talk about. They are excited and honored to take you through the process for yourself. We also take fun pretty seriously at Rising Roads Recovery, and this is an important part of life too!

Contact us today to start the process of admitting to our women’s only treatment center. We will be happy to provide a confidential & complimentary assessment of your situation as well as verify your insurance benefits or help make alternative financial arrangements.

Let the road rise up to meet you and continue on a healing path. Contact us today.

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