Recovery in Our California Residences

Our residential program is ideal for women looking to fully immerse themselves in the recovery experience.

Our Residential Treatment Program

Rising Roads is for women struggling with substance abuse, trauma, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and disordered eating. Some of our clients have been through multiple treatment programs and have a history of relapse. This usually happens when women finish rehab and go back to work, school, or their homes without adequate preparation. Our residential treatment services provide a step-down level of care for women who have completed a primary program. Rising Roads helps women in two key ways:
  • We provide in-depth treatment that takes women deeper into the therapeutic process, and
  • We equip clients with real-world skills that will help them to sustain their recovery after our program has concluded.

Individualized Treatment Plans

All women are unique, and they come to Rising Roads with a different set of circumstances and goals. Some clients need to start self-supporting, and their primary goal is to get a job. Some want to get back into school; others need to get home and want to learn how to thrive there. We help with budgeting, resumes, time management, healthy study habits, and interpersonal skills. The therapies and life skills interventions chosen for each woman vary based on her needs, history, and goals. Wherever our clients are in life, we can meet them and set them up for success

Come to Our Orange County Women’s Residential Program

Rising Roads is a place for women to heal. We believe that by residing in a safe, gender-specific environment, our clients can lay the groundwork for lifelong recovery. Take a tour of our facility or contact our admissions team.

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