Family Program

The women of Rising Roads are mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters. Our family program helps our clients and their loved ones to find lasting recovery.

The Importance of Family in Recovery

Every woman who comes to Rising Roads has a family history all her own. No one’s upbringing is perfect, and many people continue facing these challenges into adulthood. Addiction and mental illness intensify these issues.

Upon your admission, we will get to know your specific situation. Our goal is to include your loved ones in the healing process—whether they are part of your family of origin or your chosen family. The Rising Roads clinical team has observed that this level of involvement promotes the chances of lasting recovery and relationship repair. Because your substance use, mental illness, trauma, or disordered eating impacts your family, their participation helps everyone achieve better outcomes.

Family Counseling

Once you enroll in our treatment program, you will be assigned a family therapist and an individual therapist. Family therapy sessions begin after the first four weeks and continue throughout your time with us. During these conversations, your therapist will facilitate open dialogues about the family’s past and future. These sessions develop communication skills, healthy boundaries, and repaired relationships. Unhealthy family dynamics like codependency, enabling, and trauma will also be addressed.

Education and Resources

Whenever someone becomes addicted or mentally unwell, the family dynamic shifts. Loved ones find themselves dealing with high levels of anxiety, resentment, pain, and confusion. Once some of these emotions are unpacked in therapy, parents, children, and siblings need to develop a better understanding of their loved one’s condition. Our program’s educational component provides key insights that help family members support their loved one in the early phases of recovery and beyond.

We also make an effort to connect families with community resources, including local support groups, Al-Anon meetings, and therapists. In some cases, we recommend retreats and workshops for families of people with substance use disorders or mental illnesses.

Healing for the Whole Family

Going to treatment isn’t the end of the story. Many families are left thinking “what’s next?” when their loved one is finally safe and getting help. We believe that a holistic treatment approach involves the entire family unit. By offering a comprehensive family program, Rising Roads equips women and their loved ones for a brighter future. Contact our admissions office to learn more.

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