Experience the Rising Roads Difference

Our gender-specific treatment center empowers women from all backgrounds to heal from addiction, mental illness, trauma, and disordered eating. Here’s what makes us unique.

Behavioral Health Treatment by Women, for Women

We founded Rising Roads to offer treatment specifically designed for the female perspective. Everything from the therapies we use to the fun outings we choose is rooted in what is most beneficial for women in recovery. Our aim is to inspire women to thrive without drugs, alcohol, or the burden of trauma and mental illness. In addition to evidence-based modalities like 12-Step meetings and psychiatric consultations, we offer activities that awaken clients’ souls, like:
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga and mindfulness training
  • Experiential therapy

Real-World Knowledge for Lasting Recovery

Our clinicians realized that most women have a tough time transitioning from treatment to the “real world.” This sparked our decision to begin incorporating life skills education into our curriculum. By advising women on best practices in their homes, relationships, and careers, we give them the tools they need to succeed.
Life skills learned at Rising Roads include:
  • Food and mood: the role of nutrition in early recovery
  • Career guidance
  • Academic support
  • Relationship repair

We Treat Underlying Issues, Not Just Symptoms

Over the years, we have found that conditions like addiction and disordered eating are often associated with deep inner turmoil. Once a client is prepared to explore the root causes of her issues, our caring clinical professionals help her unpack past trauma, complicated grief, and other mental health issues.
Women experience a dramatic boost in quality of life by working through the past, processing what has happened, forgiving others (and themselves), and making amends when appropriate. This is why we facilitate counseling to address issues like anxiety, depression, and especially trauma, grief, and loss.

Safety and Sisterhood

During their time with us, clients develop strong bonds with one another. Women’s “sisters in recovery” are ready and willing to support them through the good, the bad, and the ugly. This security encourages clients to open up, confront their issues, and feel less alone. Our gender-specific setting helps women to feel secure, especially if they have been traumatized by men in the past.

Experience the Rising Roads Difference

At Rising Roads Recovery, our certified staff is full of women who have achieved the fulfilling life we talk about. Contact us today to start the admissions process. We will be happy to provide a confidential, complimentary assessment of your situation.

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