Treatment for Marijuana Abuse

While a litany of statutes, rules, and regulations surround legal cannabis, marijuana abuse remains prevalent in California. Our treatment program empowers women to overcome cannabis use disorder.

Becoming Dependent on Cannabis

Many women believe that regularly smoking, vaping, or consuming marijuana won’t lead to any severe consequences. Some even think that this substance is non-addictive. The research says otherwise. In reality, an estimated ten percent of people who use cannabis will become addicted later in life. This rate increases among those who start smoking or taking edibles at a young age. Women are at especially high risk for addiction due to a phenomenon called telescoping: a rapid descent into addiction explained by biological factors present in the female body. In this way, regular cannabis use can trigger a substance use disorder within a matter of weeks, months, or years.

The Dangers of Marijuana

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana abuse can cause serious short- and long-term consequences. These ramifications affect one’s health, finances, employment, and more. Cannabis use disorder may lead to:
  • Changes to heart rate and blood pressure
  • Dizziness and disorientation
  • Tolerance (needing more cannabis to feel the same effects)
  • Legal trouble (driving under the influence, using in a state where cannabis is prohibited)
  • Loss of relationships or employment due to smoking or taking edibles
  • Increased risk of depressive or manic mental health symptoms
  • Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS)
  • Cognitive impairment: issues with learning and memory
  • Increased risk of cardiac events like heart attack or stroke
  • Certain types of cancer (bladder cancer, head and neck cancer, lung cancer)
  • Respiratory problems
  • Miscarriage, restrictions in fetal growth, and cognitive defects among babies of women who use marijuana during pregnancy
  • Psychotic symptoms: hallucinations and delusions

Marijuana Psychosis in Women

At our practice, we have seen a rapid uptick in the percentage of women experiencing drug-induced psychosis due to marijuana abuse. When a woman consistently misuses a potent psychoactive substance, the brain’s structure changes. This causes addicted individuals to see and hear things that aren’t there, or to form harmful beliefs not based in reality. This troubling symptom is a key sign that professional intervention is required.

Treatment for Women with Cannabis Use Disorder

Rising Roads Recovery specializes in treating women who have become dependent on cannabis. We understand that marijuana abuse can escalate before you realize what has happened. Our compassionate staff members are equipped to address the factors that led to your substance use. Through a series of scientifically validated therapies, they will also provide the support and structure you need to recover.

We invite you to contact our California women’s treatment center for more information.

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