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Many women enter recovery with an overarching goal of improving themselves. Education is a powerful way to accomplish this objective, but addiction and mental health issues may have derailed your academic career.

Pursuing Your Diploma in Treatment

Routine, structure, purpose and accountability are essential to prevent a relapse and stay focused. An educational program can provide all these things, while unlocking doors to new opportunities, boosting your self-esteem and helping you earn a higher income after you complete your program. At Rising Roads Recovery, we work with clients at various stages in their pursuit of a higher education.

High School

If you did not complete high school due to your mental and behavioral health challenges, Rising Roads can support your efforts to earn a GED or high school diploma. Besides being a significant accomplishment for you to take pride in, completing a GED or high school diploma is a prerequisite for entering college and furthering your educational experience. 


Women who earn college degrees can expect to enjoy a higher lifetime earning potential. Though a gender pay gap still exists, educational gains play a critical role in leveling the playing field. Single mothers, especially, can significantly benefit from having bachelor’s degrees. Earning a higher income makes it less likely that single mothers will live in poverty.

Graduate School

Graduate programs are integral for ambitious women looking to advance in their careers, but the high pressure can cause academic burnout that may cause students to self-sabotage with substance abuse. At Rising Roads, you can complete your master’s degree in a comfortable, friendly and supportive environment.  

Combining Academic Progress and Recovery

Entering a treatment program is a significant life milestone – an opportunity to recommit to yourself. Many women come to Rising Roads after reaching a low point and finally admitting they need help. We can help you get into a routine of studying and embracing the learning process.


To teach women what it takes to thrive in recovery, we have woven life skills into every aspect of our programming. Every day, you’ll have responsibilities to complete. You will learn how to manage your time, resolve conflicts and communicate with others.


We also offer academic and career assistance to help our clients thrive academically, despite the stresses of school. Tutoring, test preparation, study groups and homework help can instill healthy study habits while providing accountability. Regardless of your background and life experiences, our programming can equip you with the skills you need to live more independently.  

The Power of Education in Recovery

When you come to Rising Roads, you will start a journey of self-discovery. Learning about addiction, mental health and relapse prevention will teach you to understand yourself from a new viewpoint. You will meet new people and hear their stories, which can expand your horizons. This knowledge is power, and will only strengthen your commitment to lifelong sobriety.


Finding a new way to occupy your time is one of the best ways to avoid a return to substance use. Focusing your attention on your educational goals gives you more motivation and less time to dwell on negative thoughts. Pick up wherever you left off – earn a GED, finish your bachelor’s degree or complete a graduate program. Our clients take pride in successfully finishing something they’ve started.


To learn more about our educational and life skills programming, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and start you on a path to wellness.



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