Mental Health Assessments & Treatment

Lasting recovery begins with accurate assessment. Our psychiatric consultations provide guidance for women seeking efficacy and stability from their medications.

Psychiatric Consultations and Medication Management

Rising Roads provides treatment for women with substance use disorders and mental health conditions. Over the years, we have found that most clients benefit from a psychiatric consultation, whether or not they are currently taking non-addictive medications for depression, anxiety, or other conditions. This process is simple. Once admitted to Rising Roads, you will meet with a medical doctor. They will take a thorough history before beginning an in-depth discussion of your goals. This is an opportunity to share any other concerns you may have, including additional medical needs. Afterward, the doctor will determine whether your current medication regimen requires an adjustment.

Medication Management Services

Our treatment center is neither pro- nor anti-medication. We do believe that if used properly, it can positively contribute to your recovery. Our medication management services reflect this philosophy. If you are currently on medication, we will make sure you feel the diagnosis and dosage are correct. If you are not taking anything, we will support you in alternative options unless medication is deemed necessary. No matter what comes to pass, you will play a key role in the decision-making process.

A Note About Narcotics

It is important to note that not all prescription drugs are created equal. We do not use narcotic medications of any kind at our women’s treatment center. If you have concerns about drugs you are currently taking, please call us to discuss them.

Comprehensive Psychopharmacology at Rising Roads

Contact the Rising Roads admissions team to learn more about our psychiatric consultations and medication management services. We are standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

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