Academic Support & Career Guidance

We give women all the tools they need to thrive. Rising Roads offers comprehensive academic support and career guidance to all clients.

Academic Support

Rising Roads provides support for women who want to pursue their educational goals in early recovery. When combined with clinical programming, academic success can lead to better self-esteem and self-efficacy, which promote long-term emotional growth. By helping clients confront the stresses of school, we prepare them for their return to a regular routine.   Our academic support services include:
  • Time management skills training
  • Assistance with school project completion>
  • Knowledge of proper study habits
  • Test preparation
  • Tutoring
  • Two-hour study groups twice per week
  • Assistance with enrollment and transcript acquisition
  • Budgeting and financial planning for tuition, books, and supplies
  • Individual progress meetings with our on-staff proctor
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semesterly school schedule management and planning
  • Accountability check-ins at school
  • Campus tour companionship (to familiarize clients with classroom locations)
  • Homework and project review
  • Daily access to our computer lab
  • Academic progress calls and emails with family (if needed)
  • Access to therapists specializing in learning disabilities, ADHD, and anxiety

Career Guidance

Many of the women who enroll in a treatment program have the same concern: What happens next? For those in need of employment, Rising Roads offers career guidance services.

Our comprehensive personality and interest testing help women choose the right “get well” job to move forward after returning home. Through these positions, clients take a small step back into the working world, either part-time or full-time. We have had women work at coffee shops, farms, restaurants, daycares, schools, boutiques, and doctors’ offices. Our team guides clients through the process of finding and obtaining gainful employment.

Rising Roads’ career guidance services include:

  • Personality and career interest testing (values, interests, and skills)
  • Resume building
  • Job searching
  • Advice on managing relationships with managers and coworkers
  • LinkedIn profile building
  • Time management skill development

Create a Life You Love

We believe that to recover, women need to build a life they’re unwilling to give up. Our academic support and career guidance services are a core offering for those seeking sobriety and freedom from mental illness. To learn more about our comprehensive approach, contact our admissions team

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