Addiction is most evident by behavioral dysregulation in the overuse of substances or harmful behaviors. There are two categories of addiction; substance misuse and process addictions. Individuals who are addicted are using maladaptive behaviors despite the consequences or harm it may be causing their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In both cases, there is a compulsion to “act out” with the goal of “checking out” of life. Most individuals with addictive behavior may have experience with several of the options listed below. Struggling with multiple addictions is known as cross-addiction; when obsessive behaviors coincide with each other; however, often, a new addiction can arise when someone is inactive in their primary “drug of choice.” An example is when we see the woman at Rising Roads removed from substances and then begin struggling with disordered eating or relational challenges.

Substance Abuse

  • Opiates – Heroin

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Designer Drugs

  • Cocaine

  • Alcohol

  • Amphetamines

  • Club Drugs

  • Bath Salts

  • Huffing

  • Marijuana

Process Addictions

  • Sex and Love (relational challenges)

  • Overeating/Restricting/Purging (disordered eating)

  • Gambling/Over-spending (misuse of financial resources)

  • Internet

At Rising Roads, our goal is to treat all addictions present for our clients comprehensively. With a focus on the underlying trauma that often fuels these compulsive behaviors, we strive to help our women learn to regulate in more positive ways emotionally. We utilize a combination of proven treatments through therapy, family systems, life skills, community, medications, and the management of co-occurring mental health diagnoses.

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