Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Generalized anxiety disorder is a mental health condition characterized by excessive, unrealistic worries. People with GAD can become trapped in a cycle of fear and dread out of proportion to the situation. Eventually, anxiety can take over your thoughts until it upends your daily routine and disrupts your overall quality of life. Some researchers have hypothesized that anxiety served a crucial evolutionary purpose by keeping early humans alert and aware of potential threats. In a way, anxiety is your brain’s way of preparing you for the worst, which is why many people get anxious before major life events like a job [...]

What Is the Best Treatment for Anxiety?

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Anxiety is a mental health disorder that can be highly disruptive, causing people living with the condition to curtail their lives or activities in various ways. For example, someone with panic disorder may be unwilling to leave the house for fear that they’ll have a panic attack in a public place. Meanwhile, an obsessive-compulsive person may spend hours each day on rituals like cleaning or counting objects. If you have anxiety, the constant feelings of being on edge may leave you searching for ways to manage symptoms like irritability, sleep disruptions, trouble concentrating and an elevated heart rate. What is the [...]

Is Kratom Addictive?

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Kratom is an herbal extract of a plant that’s native to Southeast Asia. Some specialty stores market it as a mood-improving supplement that enhances energy and reduces pain. Other supposed benefits of kratom include the ability to prevent panic attacks and relieve opioid withdrawal symptoms. If all these qualities sound too good to be true, you’re wise to be skeptical. Depending on the dosage and method of use, kratom can be dangerous. Here’s what you need to know. What Is Kratom? Kratom is currently legal to buy and sell in the U.S., which may make it seem like an attractive choice [...]

What Is an Example of Gaslighting?

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Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which one person uses lies and manipulation to make their victim question reality. The concept gets its name from a classic thriller called Gaslight, in which a husband attempts to steal from his wife by convincing her she is slowly losing her sanity. While gaslighting often happens in toxic romantic relationships, friends, colleagues and even politicians can play this trick. How does this phenomenon happen, and what can you do to recognize its signs in your life? Why Is Gaslighting Harmful? Besides being a form of dishonesty and a side effect of narcissistic [...]

Signs of a Narcissist

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Narcissism is a personality disorder defined in the DSM-5 as an impaired sense of self and ability to relate to others. A narcissistic personality disorder comes with several toxic traits that can damage your relationships with others, driving them away and leaving you feeling lonely and depressed. You might also be more vulnerable to self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to cope with complex emotions. What are some signs of a narcissist? Narcissistic Traits While mental health professionals have not identified one specific cause of narcissism, it often traces back to childhood trauma and family dysfunction. Since other mental health disorders have [...]

Sober New Year’s Eve Ideas

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Many people associate New Year’s Eve with drinking and partying, but if you’re in recovery, you can still ring in 2022 without compromising any of the progress you have made. Keep your health and happiness at the top of your priority list as the calendar turns to a brand-new year. Here are our favorite sober New Year’s Eve ideas in the Orange County area, plus some tips for an at-home celebration. 1. Attend a Virtual Group Meeting The holidays can be a test of your commitment to sobriety, especially if you struggle with seasonal depression or find yourself unable to avoid [...]

Addressing Relationship Problems in Recovery

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Addiction puts a significant strain on any relationship. No matter how much you love and trust someone, challenges like secrecy, manipulation, dishonesty, denial and resentment can begin to take their toll on your well-being as their illness worsens. You may feel a sense of relief when your loved one agrees to enter a substance abuse treatment program, but it does not mean they will come out of rehab cured of all their issues. They’ll still have lots of work ahead to address the harm done during their active addiction, and you will need to prepare to deal with the damage to [...]

What Is Brainspotting?

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The emotional pain, distress and intrusive memories associated with trauma can be disruptive and leave people desperately seeking an escape. Unfortunately, the outlets many trauma sufferers choose are maladaptive coping mechanisms like substance abuse or self-harm, leading to increasingly severe mental and physical health issues. Brainspotting is a therapeutic method shown to have success in helping identify and heal trauma and negativity, among other mental health disorders. What is the science behind brainspotting, and how could it benefit you? How Does Brainspotting for Trauma Work? Psychotherapist Dr. David Grand developed brainspotting in 2003, after developing a hypothesis that the direction of [...]

How Do You Know If You Have Depression?

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Everyone occasionally struggles with a bad mood or a day where nothing seems to go right, but being depressed is like having a dark cloud follow you around wherever you go. Depression can take various forms and strike without warning, even if you are typically an optimistic person. Depression symptoms can be simultaneously mental and physical, manifesting in persistent feelings of sadness and worthlessness with fatigue, body aches and thoughts of self-harm. These symptoms often magnify and feed on each other, progressively increasing in severity. How can you spot signs of depression in your daily life? 1. Ongoing Feelings of Worthlessness [...]

What Is a Dry Drunk?

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Quitting drinking is a significant milestone, but it is only one part of the journey toward healing from an alcohol use disorder and regaining your mental, physical and spiritual health. While you can be proud of yourself for sustaining a prolonged period of sobriety, your accomplishment does not equal recovery if you are still exhibiting many of the self-destructive tendencies of active addiction. One obstacle standing between you and your goal of remaining alcohol-free is called “dry drunk syndrome.” This phrase originates from the Alcoholics Anonymous program. It refers to someone who has quit drinking, but who is still grappling with [...]

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