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One in five US adults experience mental illness or deterioration in mental health each year in a range of symptoms and behaviors. The main factors that contribute to the decline of mental health are biological factors, life experiences such as trauma or abuse, and family history. Mental health challenges can impact employment, school relationships, self-care, and the ability to live independently. Families and clients are frustrated when maladaptive behaviors continue to wreak havoc on the lives of the individual and their families. Below are common symptoms of deteriorating mental health:

Common Symptoms of Mental Health Challenges

  • Lack of insight

  • Extreme mood changes

  • Changes in eating habits

  • Changes in relationships (or the inability to maintain)

  • Strong feels of anger and irritability

  • Multiple physical symptoms (headaches, stomach aches, etc.)

  • Thoughts of suicide and self-harm

  • Failure to stay employed or in school

  • Acting out sexually

  • Grandiose thoughts or low self-worth

  • Overall emotional dysregulation

Common Mental Health Challenges Treated at Rising Roads

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bipolar

  • Borderline

  • Mood Disorders

  • PTSD

  • Dual Diagnosis (substance abuse and mental health)

  • Obsessive Compulsivity

Rising Roads Recovery treatment team includes licensed therapists, a board-certified psychiatrist, nutritionist, and family therapists to offer a holistic approach to treatment. Clients will experience a one on one approach, in a home environment, that creates a safe setting for each individual to fully engage in exploring various emotions and discover their authentic self.  We are committed to helping clients engage in relationships with other women to help gain a sense of community and real connections with women.

 It is important to the Rising Roads team to individualized treatment to assist each client to gain coping skills, purpose, and help them implement new behaviors to achieve their specific goals. Each individual is offered family therapy and individual therapy, one time a week to achieve these various goals. Our therapists are trained in modalities that include; eye movement desensitization and processing (EMDR), accelerated resolution therapy (ART), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and expressive arts therapy. These forms of psychotherapy are evidence-based therapy and proven to be useful when treating various mood disorders. 

  • Individual therapist (one session per week)

  • Family Therapy (one session per week)

  • Life Skills Training (Budgeting, self-care, school enrollment, resume building)

  • Greenwood Career matching and personality testing (a six week process to help individuals with education and career goals – additional cost)

  • Medication management

  • Community

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