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Transitional Living is the next step for clients who choose to stay at Rising Roads past 90 days.   By this time our clients are either enrolled in school, have a job or volunteering while still actively participating in the clinical programming offered at Rising Roads.   There are few aspects of the Rising Roads Transitional Living that are unique:

  • 24 hour awake staff

  • Continue working with individual therapist

  • Transportation provided

  • 6 Groups per week

  • Family therapy

  • Psychiatry

  • Day staff

Transitions can be challenging for our clients and it is important to fully support them on a clinical level. Continuing with the same therapists for family and individual therapy provides a sense of safety and connection for our clients and their families.

Life Skills in Transitional Living

Life skills continue in this phase of the Rising Roads program.  Clients begin to step up their time management skills and understanding of keeping a schedule.  Each week they are asked to turn in their weekly calendar to staff.  This weekly calendar shows their work schedule, groups they are attending, therapy appointments, and other miscellaneous activities.   Budgeting, tracking expenses, and bill paying are also being guided at this stage.
We aim to set up the environment to provide our clients with as much “real life” experience as possible.  It’s amazing to see our clients step into their daily and weekly goals, build self esteem, and start to create a life worth living.

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