Women come to us with so many ideas of what a healthy versus an unhealthy relationship looks like. Sometimes these ideas are on the right track and sometimes these women have completely unrealistic expectations of themselves. We have many kinds of relationships in our lives. Familial, peer group, community and professional relationships as well as intimate relationships just to name a few. With so many different potential relational partners on a daily basis it’s no wonder we sometimes blur the lines.

The word “codependent” has been chronically overused and its actual meaning has been snuffed out. The word was actually an adjective which meant that in a relationship of two people, one was dependent on something, i.e. alcohol or gambling and the second person (the codependent) was psychologically addicted to the first in an unhealthy way. There are some brilliant women who have done extensive work on Codependency including Melody Beattie, Claudia Black, Ph.D. and Brene Brown, Ph.D. Thank goodness for these women, their insights and their books.

What we choose to focus on at Rising Roads is not only the codependency, but the original attachment wounds that have led to either codependency or generally unhealthy relationships. The patterns we can create based on these wounds can baffle even us. We make decisions based on an emotional response that makes NO logical sense. Without taking a really long hard look at this we will be doomed to repeat unfulfilling relationships, both romantic and non-romantic.

Healing Relationships & Attachment Wounds

By the end of our addiction treatment program, our goal is for you to be able to identify a healthy relationship and actively participate in it. We assist you in being able to speak up for yourself and not bulldoze the other person. We would like you to respect yourself and your partner in all areas. Hopefully you will have some practice with appropriate compromise and conflict resolution. We will help you create and follow boundaries and learn how do decipher between your inner circle and peripheral people.

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