We believe 99% of women who have experienced trauma and struggled with mental health and substance abuse have some sort of disordered eating. This is different than a diagnosed eating disorder. The main difference between the two is level of functionality; physically and mentally. A potential client who is still active in their eating disorder and/or needing constant medical care and supervision is not appropriate for Rising Roads.

A potential client who finds herself using food to self soothe feelings now the drugs and alcohol are removed is a perfect fit for Rising Roads. The behavior can vacillate between overeating and restricting although overeating is more common. Sometimes our clients actually have disordered eating because of physiological reasons or it is a symptom of the body rebalancing after years of not being taken care of.

Our program is set up to find the potential pitfalls to long term recovery and to course correct for lasting behavior. Learning to grocery shop and cook nourishing food is imperative to healing the whole person. The ladies of Rising Roads learn to make grocery lists, shop, stay within budget and basic cooking skills. In cooking class they learn that healthy meals are delicious and can be quick and easy. In nutrition they learn the truth behind fad diets, experiment with mindful eating and learn tasty tricks for more veggies at every meal.

  • Grocery shopping

  • Meal preparation

  • Food budget

  • Rebalancing the body in new recovery

  • Alternative ways to manage feelings without food

  • Heart meals

  • Self esteem and empowerment through healthy eating

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