Every woman who comes to Rising Roads has a family history all her own. No family is perfect and every family has their own challenges. Upon your admittance we will get to know your current family, which may differ from your nuclear family. Our goal will be to include those who are most appropriate for providing ongoing support in your recovery. If there are people in your family of origin or family of choice that need to be assessed on whether they can provide the support you will need, we will do that.

Your addiction has likely permeated your family. There is likely hurt and pain running rampant. When a woman enters treatment there are often mixed emotions on her end as well as within the family, especially if those left behind are trying to clean up the wreckage. We will take all of this into consideration when creating your family work plan. Sometimes the family needs a break and doesn’t want to be involved. Although we understand the hesitation it is our belief that working as a family while the client is still in treatment is the best course of action and is often crucial for ongoing success.

Family Counseling at Rising Roads

Family work at Rising Roads is based on what the needs of the family are, who is involved and the needs of the client. Each client is assigned a family therapist and an individual therapist upon admission to Rising Roads.  Family therapy sessions begin after the first two weeks and continue throughout your time with Rising Roads.  Families often make the trip out at least once during treatment after the initial 30 days of your stay at Rising Roads. Your therapist will help plan the family visit, set goals, and facilitate family therapy sessions. Based on your treatment goals, we will utilize all means available to us in order to provide ongoing family support.

Resources for Family Healing

The focus has been so much on the addict/alcoholic many loved ones are thinking “what’s next” when their loved one is safe and getting help. At Rising Roads, we are also working extensively with you, as the family, in our weekly family therapy sessions. In these sessions, we start to take what you have learned and we navigate rebuilding the relationship. We have found, in some cases, families are looking for something more for their healing journey. We have several retreats, workshops, and programs we recommend. Topics include:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Relationships
  • Trauma (especially with all you may have been through with your loved one)
  • Codependency

The Rising Roads clinical team is happy to guide you and make recommendations. We have seen parents and partners utilize these resources and catapult the entire family system to higher levels of honesty and healing.

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