The First 30 Days at Rising Roads

There is a general trajectory we see at Rising Roads.  This particular blog is regarding the first 30 days of our 90-day program.  It’s important to define what level of care Rising Roads is in the treatment industry.  Rising Roads is a Residential Extended Aftercare Program for women. The women who come to Rising Roads are completing an initial 30-90 day stabilization program or have been in stabilization many times and continue to release into unhealthy patterns when they go home.  The primary goal of Rising Roads is to take the work that has been done and go deeper into the healing process, clinically and experientially.  At the same time, we are introducing life skills and providing opportunities to put the concepts they have learned into practical application.

Now let’s get into some overall pieces and what we experience in these 30 days.  For the first two weeks (this can vary depending on individual circumstances), clients do not have access to their phones.  This is not punishment; it is a time of transition, they are getting to know us, and we are getting to know them.  A foundation is set for a successful 90 days.  At the appropriate time the phone is not just handed over, they present to us why they are ready, and we ask a lot of questions.  We talk about the challenges they foresee and about their relationship with the phone.   This is the beginning of introducing “life” and seeing what comes up; a core function of Rising Roads, entering life, while in the support of clinical care 24/7.

Sometimes our ladies revert to some old behaviors; this is normal.  The road to recovery is not a straight line.  This shows them more of their unconscious patterns and behaviors, and it shows them what they need to continue to work through.  Challenges are “grist for the mill” to create deep and lasting change.  With our family therapy sessions each week we are also guiding the family.  Despite the education provided in primary programs, this is the time for family members to heal and create changes in their behaviors.

Trusting the process is vital in the entire healing and recovery journey, and we walk you through the growing pains with family therapy.  Rising Roads clinical team is supporting the women with love, honesty, and direction.

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