Women experience trauma in a number of ways throughout their lives, and symptoms of trauma manifest in suicidal ideation, substance abuse, mental health issues, relational challenges, and disordered eating. From physical and emotional mistreatment to sexual abuse, women are twice as likely to experience post-traumatic stress disorder. If left untreated, PTSD can cause long-term debilitating symptoms that impact psychological, physical, spiritual and relational well-being.

At Rising Roads Recovery, our women’s addiction and mental health recovery center provides specialized treatment options for clients dealing with all types of trauma. In a safe, comfortable and supportive environment known as Our Sanctuary, women relax, find peace in their surroundings, and focus on becoming the best version of themselves.

A Different Way to Recovery

At Rising Roads, we know trauma affects every woman differently—so treatment is individualized based on a client’s medical history, lifestyle and personal needs. Dealing with trauma is an ongoing process, and our therapists and clinicians are here to provide the tools and strategies to empower this healing journey.

The Process of Trauma Resolution

Trauma presents itself in a variety of ways. Our Orange County residential treatment center offers services that help you address buried feelings while getting to the root of your PTSD. Trauma also leaves women feeling vulnerable, which may be interpreted by others as a negative characteristic or sign of weakness. Rising Roads Recovery strives to create a space where women can process feelings of vulnerability, address co-occurring substance misuse disorders, and build a constructive path to sustained wellness.

Features of Rising Roads’ Southern CA trauma treatment program include:

If you or someone you love is dealing with PTSD and is searching for a women-only trauma and addiction treatment center, trust Rising Roads Recovery to provide a full continuum of residential care, family counseling and aftercare. Walking beside you in love and support, we’ll help you obtain the confidence you need to pursue lifelong sobriety and gain freedom from the bondage of trauma.

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